“Alice” by Lady Gaga

The title of this song is a reference to the classic literary work “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” which, truth be told, has served as an inspiration for many a pop tune throughout the decades. In this particular case, the way the singer relates herself to “Alice” is by stating that she is likewise “looking for Wonderland”. 

Within the context of the song, “Wonderland” would actually be a metaphor for a sense of peace which Lady Gaga is searching for. Indeed she presents herself as someone who at the moment is a constant victim of harrowing frustration. But the sentimental thesis of the song isn’t said discontent but rather the fact that she will not give up her search “for Wonderland”. Or stated otherwise, she is not going to quit looking for the aforementioned peace of mind until she actually achieves it.

“My name isn’t Alice
But I’ll keep looking, I’ll keep looking for Wonderland”

Facts about “Alice”

When the title of this song was first made public, fans thought it was actually about a dog (that died in 2013) which had been part of Gaga’s childhood also named “Alice”.

“Alice” is the second track on the playlist of Gaga’s hit “Chromatica” album. Both song and album came out on 29th May, 2020.

The label behind the project is Interscope Records.

Writing Credits

In addition to Lady Gaga, the following artists also are credited as writers of “Alice”:

  • Justin Tranter
  • BloodPop®
  • Axwell
  • Klahr

 Note: All writers of the track (with the exception of Tranter) also acted as its producers.    

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