“Babylon” by Lady Gaga

This is apparently a dual-themed song. Seemingly its primary purpose, as the title suggests, is based on serving as an ode to the ancient city of Babylon. Or more to the point, the singer envisions that long-gone yet famous locality as a place where people enjoyed themselves and were able to party hard. And likewise she is telling the addressee, who reads as it is one of her homeys, that she intends for them to enjoy the present moment as if they were back in Babylon.

Theme 2

The second theme of this song is based on gossip. That is to say that she uses the phrase “babble on”, as in constantly yapping to no good, as a homonym for “Babylon”. It has been suggested that what she is actually trying to achieve in this regard is drawing a parallel between said ancient city- which is symbolic of evil in the Bible – and gossip, which along the same veins is also a vice. But honestly speaking that idea doesn’t really come through in the lyrics themselves. Rather it seems she uses “babble on” in conjunction with “Babylon” primarily because they rhyme well. And with that notion in mind, in actuality this track reads more like a dance song than anything else.


“Babylon” is the 16th song on the playlist of “Chromatica” (which is the sixth studio album of Lady Gaga’s musical career).

“Babylon” was made commercially available in May, 2020 (precisely on the 29th of said month). And the label behind it’s creation and release is Interscope Records.

“Babylon” sounds similar to Madonna’s “Vogue”?

It has been noted by quite a few listeners that this track has auditory similarities, perhaps bordering on straight-up copying, to Madonna’s 1990 classic “Vogue”.

Writing Credits for “Babylon”

Despite the tune sounding very similar to the aforementioned Madonna track, Madonna isn’t credited as one of the song’s writers. Neither is is it stated anywhere on the album’s notes that the song sampled “Vogue”. That being said, below are the names of the songwriters currently credited with writing “Babylon”:

  • Gaga
  • BloodPop® (producer)
  • BURNS (producer)

Did Lady Gaga release “Babylon” as a single?

No. “Chromatica” had only three singles. And this wasn’t one of them.

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