“Fun Tonight” by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga herself has stated that this song is very special to her. The idea it is centered on is when people try to cheer her up, but she is feeling so pessimistic that their efforts are in vain. As for the lyrics themselves, they read more like she is having so much conflict with herself. So one side of her personality wants to hang out and enjoy her celebrity, paparazzi and all, to the fullest. And the other is totally not in the mood. 

In fact she is so down that she is telling the more-jovial persona that perhaps she should part ways instead of more or less dissing her for being in a bad mood. 

So conclusively, this track is not based on fun itself, indeed quite the opposite. Basically what Gaga is exclaiming is that she is “not having fun tonight”.

A Song from “Chromatica”

“Fun Tonight” is the sixth track on Lady Gaga’s album entitled “Chromatica”. Both track and album came out on the same day (May 29, 2020).

And the entire project was published by Interscope Records.

Writing of “Fun Tonight”

Gaga co-wrote “Fun Tonight” with its producers: BloodPop®and James Burns. Swedish songwriter Rami Yacoub also played a role in penning this song hence receives writing credit on it.

Speaking to Zane Lowe days before the release of the song, Gaga talked of how important this particular track is to her. According to her, it’s such a personal song – one which makes her “get choked up” whenever she listens to it.

Fun Tonight

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