“Sour Candy” by Lady Gaga & BlackPink

On this track, the ladies are referring to themselves as the titular “sour candy”. And the way the lyrics read, that’s basically another way of saying that they have a mean streak.  So fundamentally what the singer is telling the addressee, i.e. her romantic interest, is that at times she may be hard to get through to, even b***hy. That is her way of keeping it real. But simultaneously, if he is actually patient and loving enough to “unwrap” her, he will in fact be pleased, particularly on a physical level. 

So it can be said that the overall message of this song is that the singer’s lover should not be dissuaded by her sometimes off-putting attitude. For even though she is hard, i.e. “sour”, on the outside, once he is able to get through that shell he will indeed receive the “candy”.

“I’m sour candy
So sweet, then I get a little angry, yeah”

The singer advises her partner to remain dedicated to their relationship despite her repellent behavior.

Facts about “Sour Candy”

This song is bilingual, i.e. in BlackPink’s native Korean tongue as well as English.

“Sour Candy” marks the first time Lady Gaga and BlackPink have teamed up to drop a song. It also marked the second time that BlackPink collaborated with a major artist from the west. The first was on the 2018 Dua Lipa song “Kiss and Make Up“.

This song (which is part of Gaga’s “Chromatica” album) came out on May 28th, 2020. It is actually the album’s third single (after “Rain on Me” and “Stupid Love“).

Despite being featured on the track, none of the members of BlackPink co-wrote it.

Gaga collaborated with singer Madison Love and four others in the composition of the song.

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