Lady Gaga’s “Free Woman” Lyrics Meaning

Under a general interpretation, the lyrics of Lady Gaga’s “Free Woman” may not read like its actual meaning. Yes, it is pretty clear that “free woman” is, as its title implies, a women’s liberation anthem. But in the track itself, Gaga exclaims that she is ‘still something if she don’t got a man’. She comes off as if she doesn’t need a romantic partner in order to feel complete. However, the real-life incident upon which “Free Woman” is based on, unfortunately, was Lady Gaga being the victim of a sexual assault at the hands of a music industry colleague early in her career. 

So with that understanding, lyrics like “I say that I want it, want it” may be interpreted as referring to her tenacity, i.e. willingness to sacrifice, in order to make it in entertainment. Moreover the setting of the first verse may allude to how she felt hearing her own music being played before she actually blew up. And the second verse also may serve as a celebration of the fact that she has indeed made it despite earlier struggles – sort of Gaga’s own personal come-up song.


So conclusively, this track can be read in two different ways. If a listener doesn’t know the actual history behind it, he or she may be compelled to think it is fundamentally romantic in nature. But in reality, it is Lady Gaga rejoicing over her success in light of sacrifices which were made earlier in her career.

Release Date of “Free Woman”

“Free Woman” is the fifth track on the playlist of Gaga’s sixth-studio album. The album is titled “Chromatica”. And it along with this tune came out on the same day (May 29, 2020).

Writing Credits

In addition to Gaga, the following are credited writers of “Free Woman”:

  • Klahr
  • BloodPop
  • Axwell

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