“My Hair” by Ariana Grande

This track is centered on Ariana Grande encouraging her lover to ‘run his hands through her hair’. This is no small matter considering that Ari-Chan’s ponytail is one of her most-recognizable visual trademarks. Indeed she acknowledges its value in the lyrics by stating that she “usually don’t let people touch it”. But on this night and with this special someone, she is willing to let him “get a pass”.  That is another way of saying that, as stated earlier, she considers the addressee to be someone special. Moreover he comes as being a bit timid, and she feels that letting him play with her hair will loosen him up.  And by extension (no pun intended), doing so also gives him access to her body in general.

Republic Records released this track on October 30th, 2020. It is part of Ariana’s famous “Positions” album, that came out on that same day. But true Arianators knew about its existence since mid-June, 2020. For that was when Ari along with three other of the song’s co-writers, T. Parx, V. Monét and T. Brown (aka TBHits) officially registered the track’s title.

TBHits is also of course one of the producers of the song, as are Scott Storch, Anthony Jones and Scootie. Scott Storch and Anthony Jones are also credited as co-writers, as is Nija.

There is at least one prominent entertainment website which acknowledged Ariana’s impressive vocals on My Hair. More specifically she sings certain parts of the song in the whistle register, i.e. in the highest notes possible.

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