“Shut Up” by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is hands down one of the most-popular musicians in the world. For instance, every individual song she drops gets analyzed as if it were a single. And with that kind of fame also comes constant criticism as well as what can be deemed as intrusions into her private life. And on this track, Miss Grande is letting individuals who behave in such a manner know that she does not appreciate their presence. More specifically, she is fundamentally telling them to get a life of their own. And even more to the point she is demanding that they “shut up”. In other words she does not value their opinion, seeing such people as being “dumb”. And in her own round of criticism, she feels that they are ‘using their tongues’ in an unconstructive manner. 

So ultimately, she concludes it would be best if these folks would just remain quiet.

This is not only the opening track from Ariana Grande’s “Positions” album but also was the first song written for the project. And in that regard it was penned by Ariana Grande along with the following:

  • Nija
  • TBHits
  • Mr. Franks
  • Travis Sayles
  • Peter L. Johnson 

And the last four artists mentioned are also the producers of the track.

The publisher of Positions and by extension Shut Up is Republic Records.

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