“Love Language” by Ariana Grande

This song is said to be based on a relationship theory known as the 5 Love Languages.  Basically, this idea posits that there is a “language” behind the way people show each other love. But Ariana does not actually delve into that philosophy. Rather what she is metaphorically saying is that she enjoys all aspects of the way her lover speaks to and treats her. Or stated plainly, this is a love song in which the singer is expressing adoration for the addressee. And accordingly she has every intention of locking him down for the long run.

The artists who served as both co-writers and co-producers of Love Language are TBHits, Travis Sayles and Tommy Parker. And the other co-writers are mentioned below:

  • Victoria Monét
  • Kam Parker
  • Tayla Parx
  • Ariana Grande

Republic Records deemed this track worthy to feature it on Ariana’s “Positions” project. This project, which was released in October of 2020, featured a ton of hits, including the following:

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