“A Nonsense Christmas” by Sabrina Carpenter

“A Nonsense Christmas” is another romance-based Christmas song, though in this case with a much heavier sexual innuendo than the norm. We are met with common holiday references such as the following:

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  • “North Pole”
  • “stockings”
  • “coming down the chimney”
  • “Charles Dickens”
  • “big snowballs” 

But in this narrative, those expressions have dual meaning in that they also serve as sexual metaphors. 

And besides those mentioned above, which we presume most mature readers can decipher on their own, there are also others, such as the vocalist asking her sweetheart “how quickly can you build a snowman”, which take more imagination to appreciate.

So, “A Nonsense Christmas” can be taken as a love song placed in a Christmas setting. But the vocalist makes it known, via the usage of metaphors, that it’s doing the do with the addressee she’s especially looking forward to this holiday season. But that said, the title would also suggest that Sabrina dropped this song partly in jest.

Lyrics for "A Nonsense Christmas"

Release of “A Nonsense Christmas”

“A Nonsense Christmas” was released on 7 December 2022. The piece is classified as a remix of a track Sabrina Carpenter dropped earlier in 2022 titled “Nonsense”.

The label behind this track is Island Records, and Sabrina Carpenter first teased it the week prior to its release.

Unlike “Nonsense”, which was associated with her album “Emails I Can’t Send”, this particular song is a standalone single.


Both songs were produced and co-written by Julian Bunetta, with the other writers being Steph Jones and Sabrina herself. 

A Nonsense Christmas

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