“All or Nothing” by Cher

Cher’s “All or Nothing” finds her questioning her partner’s dedication to their relationship and prompts him to make a final decision. She appears to be tired of waiting for him to be certain, and uses the phrase “all or nothing” to find out whether he loves her or is just toying with her feelings.

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The verses imply that the singer has been exerting all the effort in making the relationship work and is head over heels in love with this person. However, he doesn’t seem to show absolute interest, mostly leaving her heart broken. Cher is not yet ready to quit despite the signs of unrequited love, and is willing to wait a while longer just to find out if he really wants her.

This song is basically a plea for her partner to clear the air by confessing his true feelings toward her so she can know her next move.

Facts about “All or Nothing”

This is a house-themed song (genre-wise) that appears on Cher’s “Believe”.

“Believe” is the 22nd studio album that Cher released as part of her musical catalog. This song actually preceded “Believe” as its official third single in 1999. Said album (which sold several over four million copies within America alone) produced four singles (including “All or Nothing”). Below is a list of the other highly successful singles it spawned:

Despite this being one of Cher’s most renowned tracks, it actually didn’t perform very well in the United States. However, it managed to top Billboard’s “Dance Club Songs” chart. And as for the main Hot 100 charts itself, “All or Nothing” was unable to make it into the chart. However, in Europe, the story was different. It was a very significant radio hit in many countries in that continent. For example, it managed to peak at position 12 in Britain (i.e. the UK Singles chart). Furthermore, it went on to enter the top 10 in countries such as Scotland and Finland.

Considering the success it achieved, Cher went on to perform “All or Nothing” live on several of her her major concert tours.

It should be noted that this isn’t a self-written song. Simply put, Cher didn’t compose it. It was composed by the same duo that penned most of the hits on her “Believe” project. And below are the writers in question:

  • Mark Taylor
  • Paul Barry

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