“Believe” by Cher

The song “Believe” addresses the subject of letting go of the pain felt from a broken relationship to embrace a new life. Cher recalls how much she tried to patch things up to no avail because her ex-lover was simply not up for it.

In the chorus, she suggests her readiness to move on with her life despite what she may have felt in the past. The lyrics however, contain some form of ambiguity as it is not clear whether Cher is referring to herself or her ex when she mentions that she doesn’t think “you’re strong enough”. On one hand, the singer could be talking to herself because she doubts that she can really live happily after losing the person she loves. It could also mean that the guy may not have necessarily moved on; while she is over and done, he may still be into her.

Either way, Cher makes it clear in the subsequent verses that she doesn’t need him anymore and will strive beyond her doubts to live well after the breakup.

Do you believe in life after love?


Cher’s “Believe” mainly speaks about getting over a bad breakup. It captures the intensity with which the main character convinces herself that she is able to survive a breakup.

Facts about “Believe”

Cher didn’t write “Believe”. It was written by an amalgamation of at least six prominent songwriters. The writers in question are:

  • Tim Powell
  • Steven Torch
  • Brian Higgins
  • Matthew Gray
  • Paul Barry
  • Stuart McLennen

President of Warner Music UK, Rob Dickins speaking to the New York Times mentioned that when he first heard the song “Believe” from the songwriter, he immediately thought that Cher was the perfect person to sing the lyrics because she had been through all of it in her private life.

In July of 1998, Cher (through Warner Bros. Records) released “Believe”. It was the lead single from her 22nd solo studio album (which is also titled “Believe).

Cher’s “Believe” is widely considered the first major song to make use of the popular audio processing software Auto-Tune. It is for this reason that Auto-Tune was also initially known as “the Cher effect”. FYI, said software is used primarily to alter vocal pitches.

“Believe” was a remarkably successful single release for Cher. It topped the singles charts in a lot of countries, including Canada, America, United Kingdom and Sweden. The song has currently sold more than a million copies all over the world. It is therefore one of the world’s most successful singles. It even earned Cher a spot in the famous “Guinness Book of World Records”. And said record was that of the oldest female singer to release a number one single in America. Cher was 52 years old when she achieved this remarkable feat!

Did Cher win a Grammy Award with “Believe”?

Yes. It was honored with the “Best Dance Recording” award at the Grammys of 2000. It was actually also nominated for the “Record of the Year” award lost to Santana’s classic “Smooth”.

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