“All My Love” by London Grammar

London Grammar’s “All My Love” is one of those types of lyrical situations where it would just be best to resort to the singer herself in terms of understanding the song’s meaning. And in this case, based on an explanation provided by London Grammar frontwoman Hannah Reid, this track is “about falling in love”. 

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But also, there’s “a bit of darkness in there” – a concept which sort of serves as a subplot of the band’s “Californian Soil” album.

The said “darkness” would explain why, despite this being a love song, Hannah unorthodoxly refers to ‘shadows’ and such in the first verse. 

But the second verse would be more indicative of her actual feelings for the addressee. And considering that the chorus consists exclusively of the phrase “all my love” being repeated, even if the first verse seems out of place the intended sentiment comes through nonetheless.

So ultimately this is in fact a love song. But it seems that, at least at this point in their professional trajectory, London Grammar is not compelled to just drop a straight-up positive track like that. Instead, some of the more troubling aspects of the relationships must be acknowledged also.

"All My Love" Lyrics
Hannah Reid talks about "All My Love"

Release Date of “All My Love”

English band London Grammar, released the song, “All My Love” on the 16th of April, 2021 as part of their album, “Californian Soil”. The album happens to be the band’s third studio album.

Writing Credits for “All My Love”

Hannah Reid, Dot Major and Daniel Rothman, all members of the band, were responsible for the composing of “All My Love”.

London Grammar’s “California Soil”

“Californian Soil” was recorded at Hampstead Way, RAK, The Circle, The Gin Factory and a few other recording studios in London.

Collaboration between the band itself and the following renowned music producers resulted in the production of the album:

  • Charlie Andrew
  • Steve Mac
  • George FitzGerald

The album was named after its second track and second single, “Californian Soil”. In the band’s own words, the song was a “turning point” in their career.

Upon its release, “Californian Soil” (the album) exhibited a brilliant performance particularly in Europe. It was at the apex of charts in the UK, Scotland, Switzerland and Australia. It ranked top-10 in many other countries, including:

  • Belgium (4)
  • New Zealand (2)
  • Ireland (2)
  • Germany (10)
  • France (3)
  • The Netherlands (4)

In the UK, “Californian Soil” was certified Silver by the BPI.

"All My Love"

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