“Lose Your Head” by London Grammar

This song is seemingly centered on a narrative based on an individual being unable to get over an ex. At some points (i.e. the first verse) the singer comes off as if she is suffering from such an affliction. But for the most part it would appear that she is addressing someone who rather has her on his mind. And basically, what she is expressing is a sentiment akin to telling his individual that he is playing himself by now realizing that he misses her.  In other words the phrase “lose your head” alludes to the notion of being caught up with someone whom you let go of in the past. That is to say that those who are plagued with such thoughts are resultantly suffering from a lack of inner peace.

This is the third single from what also happens to be London Grammar’s third album, Californian Soil. And the track was released by record label Ministry Music on 4 January 2021.

Lose Your Head was written by London Grammar members Hannah Reid, Daniel Rothman and Dot Major. And the track’s producer, George Fitzgerald, is also credited as a co-writer.

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