“Baby It’s You” by London Grammar

This is, according to Hannah Reid’s own explanation, a song “about falling in love”. But more specifically the narrative is placed in a setting whereas someone such as herself has ample experience, which is playing in front of a large crowd. 

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Hannah Reid explains "Baby It's You"

But amongst the multitude of “painted faces” there also lies the apple of her eye, the addressee. And out of all these people standing before and admiring the singer, he happens to be the only one that she actually notices. And it is such a concept upon which the title is based. 

Proclaiming “baby it’s you” to a romantic interest is another way of saying that ‘you are the one’. And that is what the vocalist wants the addressee to know. She apparently has options, if she wanted to go there. But out of everyone, he is the only person that she is romantically interested in.

"Baby It's You" Lyrics

Who wrote “Baby It’s You”?

The write-up of the song was handled by the following writers:

  • H. Reid
  • D. Major
  • D. Rothman
  • George FitzGerald

Production Credits

London Grammar produced “Baby It’s You” alongside FitzGerald.

Release and Album Details

The official release date of “Baby It’s You” was 19th August, 2020.

The song is part of London Grammar’s 2021 hit album titled “Californian Soil”. 

In all, “Californian Soil” birthed 5 singles, including “Baby It’s You”.

"Baby It's You"

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