“Talking” by London Grammar

London Grammar’s “Talking” is one of those songs that requires us to go out pretty far on a limb in the name of making comprehensive sense out of it. But maybe out there near the end of the branch, we will in fact discover the truth.

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The narrator clearly has a less-than-favorable view of the world we live in. As a matter of fact her outlook is even apocalyptic. And as such, she has lost faith in the leaders of the land. So she comes off as being someone who is definitely, for lack of a better word, countercultural or perhaps even of a religio-conspiratorial disposition.

Meanwhile there is also an addressee at hand also. Her relationship with him is not specified, though the feel (as well as use of the word “baby”) implies that it is a romantic interest. And she is confident that even after “this world ends as we know it”, her relationship with him will remain intact. This jargon may be more of an ideological as opposed to literal slant. That is to say that she perceives their love as one which can withstand any obstacle, even times as troubling as these.

And then as far as our own limb trekking, we are going to postulate that the title of this song actually speaks to the idea of relaying the truth. In other words, even in this deceitful era, the truth is out there. Moreover, it is one which can simply be relayed via word of mouth. 

All that it requires is the initiative to do so. And that is the kind of relationship the singer desires with the addressee, one in which they can speak frankly and truthfully despite what may be going on in the world around them.

London Grammar's "Talking" lyrics

When did London Grammar release “Talking”?

“Talking” is a song by an English band from Nottingham, London Grammar. They released it on April 16 of 2021 as part of their 3rd studio album, “Californian Soil”.

Who wrote “Talking”?

The song was composed by the following members of London Grammar:

  • Hannah Reid
  • Dot Major
  • Daniel Rothman

And regarding the song’s production, the entire band has been credited with that.

The “Californian Soil” Album

Recording of “Californian Soil” took place in a number of studios in London. In producing the album, the band worked with the following:

  • Charlie Andrew
  • Steve Mac
  • George FitzGerald

“Californian Soil” was released through the following record labels:

  • Metal & Dust Recordings
  • Ministry of Sound

The album enjoyed great commercial and critical success. For example, it topped the OCC charts in the UK and got a Silver certification from the BPI there. It was No. 1 in Switzerland, Australia as well as Scotland. Its went on to achieve a top-10 status on official album charts in:

  • Belgium – 4
  • New Zealand – 2
  • Ireland – 2
  • Germany – 10
  • France – 3
  • Netherlands – 4

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  1. Steven Smit says:

    Watch the live session. To whom is she talking? Who respons with his eyes? I think this is a ultimate lovesong. And for me the best song of LG.

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