“Lord It’s a Feeling” by London Grammar

We have already dealt with another song earlier on the playlist of London Grammar’s Californian Soil album, entitled Missing, where we put forth that the addressee was the vocalist’s womanizing lover. 

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And it would appear that the plausibility of that theory is buttressed by “Lord It’s a Feeling”, in which the person Hannah Reid is singing to and about seems to be based on the same type of character.

Indeed in this case it’s like she’s just sitting back and watching him do his thing, screwing other women. She comes off as the type of woman herself who is well aware that the boyfriend cheats yet stays with him anyway. 

But that reality does not imply that she is passive or anything like that. Rather the way the addressee comes off is like he’s one of those types of dudes who considers sleeping with various women something to be proud of. So what this situation really reads like is as if she simply fell in love with the wrong person, for lack of a more-fitting explanation.

In fact in terms of his character, he is further shown to be conceited and self-centered. And as far as his perception of romance, it is only his feelings which matter. That’s why he can jump to a new partner without taking into consideration the one that he is currently with. 

And it would appear he did such to the vocalist and is now also doing it to the girl he went behind her back with. So it’s like he’s a serial cheater who thinks it’s all a big game. And whereas the vocalist has apparently experienced her own moments of freedom, if you will, she is obviously more disciplined or perhaps someone who engages in such acts to pay the addressee back for his infidelities.

London Grammar's Hannah Reid explains "Lord It's a Feeling"

“Lord It’s a Feeling”

And as far as the title is concerned, maybe the best way of understanding it is as alluding to the concept of karma. It seems the singer is prophesying something like despite being flush with women at the moment, at some future point, once his ways catches up with him, none of them will actually love the addressee. Or at least that appears to be the simplest way of describing the titular sentiment of this song.

Lyrics to "Lord It's a Feeling"


Hannah Reid alongside the following composed this song: Dominic “Dot” Major and Daniel Rothman.

The band proceeded to produce “Lord It’s a Feeling” alongside a renowned record producer, George FitzGerald. George is an English electronic musician, a DJ and a producer who has worked with several artists like Scuba, Boxed In, Lil Silva, etc.

"Lord It's a Feeling"

When was “Lord It’s a Feeling” released?

On April the 16th of 2021, London Grammar officially released this song. It appears on the “Californian Soil” project, which is the third studio album by London Grammar. 

Five official singles accompanied this album. Some notable ones include the following:

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