“Missing” by London Grammar

It would appear that London Grammar’s “Missing” is romantic in nature. In other words, the vocalist would be addressing someone like her lover. This theory is made most supportable by the fact that Hannah Reid mentions other women in his life in the song. But that being noted, the lyrics are, shall we say, painfully creative. And as such they can be interpreted in a number of ways. But the above is a premise we are operating along in the name of making sense of “Missing”.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for London Grammar's Missing at Lyrics.org.

A Womanizing Addressee

So with that in mind, it would appear that the addressee is someone like playa. Whereas he is with the narrator, who appears to be a cool, loving type of lady, he still prefers other types of women – a “drama mama”, as Hannah calls it. And in the first verse, she is assuring him that if he goes in for such a woman, verily he would have to deal with the associated negative consequences of having to deal with such a personality type. And it would also seem, at least to some degree, that the second verse is based on the same idea.

Then as far as the pre-chorus goes, what it appears the singer is putting forth is an observation that we as individuals tend to our lives by our own code of ethics. But sometimes in doing our respective thing, we end up hurting other people in the process. And such would seemingly be the case between her and the addressee, with she being the emotional victim of his womanizing ways.

Chorus of “Missing”

But then, it is arguable that the chorus is the most revealing and conclusive part of song.  And what the singer seems to be saying is something like, at the end of the day, she is the only one who truly loves the addressee.  For if he were to go “missing”, as the title suggest, she will be the only person to really feel the effects of his absence and take action accordingly.  Furthermore it is implied that the reason she is worried about him suffering such a fate in the first place is because of the aforementioned types of women he has opted to deal with.

Lyrics to "Missing"

So that is our theory concerning this song. It centers on a woman who still cares for her astray lover, even though he has decided to mess around with other, even rowdy women.

Who are the writers of “Missing”?

The penning of “Missing” was done by:

  • Songwriter and lead singer of London Grammar, Hannah Reid
  • Dominic “Dot” Major, member of London Grammar
  • Daniel Rothman, also a member of London Grammar

In addition to taking care of the song’s composition, London Grammar also produced it.

Hannah Reid talks about "Missing"

Date of Release

“Missing” came out on the same day its album (“Californian Soil”) also came out. And the date in question is 16th April, 2021.


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