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“America” is a really deep song, no matter which way you try to cut it. According to one of the explanations given by vocalist Hannah Reid, it doesn’t really have a meaning. Or more specifically, the lyrics are the result of a spontaneous outburst of creativity she experienced at the piano. But she has also given another explanation of the main metaphors involved.

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“America” actually represents the American Dream, or more to the point whatever worldly things we respectively aspire for in that regard. And what the song is premised on is a period in Reid’s life during which she had health issues and really started writing music.

The storyline is based on her ‘waving goodbye to things she didn’t need anymore’, which again are personified by the titular “America”.

Hannah Reid talks about "America"

But all of that noted, honestly the song does read as if it has a discernable storyline, as far as the word discernible is applicable to a band like London Grammar. And America, as a symbol, does in fact represent the fulfillment of dreams, though more on a superficial, vain level as far as the vocalist is concerned. 

Verily, the parties which highlight American life “fade”, and the beauty which makes others so impressed with the vocalist eventually “go away” itself. Moreover, she feels as if this place has never truly received her. 

So for those who are still feening to be there, she’s like ‘have your way’. But as for her personally, she is under the impression that she has already wasted too much of her youth “chasing America”. Moreover, she is naturally not materially-centered enough to actually cleave to America.

All in all

So again, Hannah has given us we, the audience, license to pretty much interpret this as we want. She wrote this song very early in life, apparently before she ever became a professional musician. 

So it wouldn’t be based on her music career. Moreover, even as of the writing of the song, it is not clear if Hannah Reid ever visited the United States. But apparently she does perceive America, symbolically speaking, as a representation of things which may be excitable though not constructive or necessary.

Lyrics for "America"


“America” was written by the following:

  • Hannah Reid
  • Dominic “Dot” Major
  • Daniel Rothman

It’s production was taken care of by London Grammar and Charlie Andrew.

Release Date of “America”

“America” was released for the public on 16th April, 2021.

“America” can be found on London Grammar’s 3rd studio album titled “Californian Soil”. It appears as the twelfth track. It was not released as a single.

Hannah Reid discusses "America"

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  1. Greg Mead says:

    Haunting song,love it and the album!Saw them twice at Riverstage,Brisbane. Seeing them in Sydney, can’t wait.

  2. David S. says:

    “Moreover, even as of the writing of this post in 2021, it is not clear if Hannah Reid has ever visited the United States.”

    A brief check of London Grammar’s tour history shows US tour dates in 2013 through 2017,

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