“Call Your Friends” by London Grammar

The narrator of “Call Your Friends” has reached a juncture in her relationship with the addressee where, as Hannah Reid has explained in her own words, she has become emotionally dependent on him. 

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Or more accurately, she is now at a point where she is no longer apprehensive in terms of expressing that sentiment to him. Indeed she needs him this very night, which is why the vocalist is advising the addressee to ‘call his friends’ and let them know that he’s not going to be able to meet them this evening.

But in actuality, the bulk of the lyrics focus on the narrator herself. She is depicted as someone who is well experienced in the field of romance, and she has the emotional scars to prove it. So that’s why initially she was playing cautious in terms of her dealings with the addressee.

But now she has been able to definitively ascertain that, after “a lifetime” of waiting, she has in fact met the one. Either that, or she’s really in heat. Or perhaps it is a combination of both, i.e. she being really in heat for the addressee in particular. 

However, all research considered, this wouldn’t really be due to her having the hots for him on a physical level. Instead she feels that, unlike her past lovers, he may be the one to actually reciprocate her love in a proper fashion.

Along those same lines, it would appear that her desire to spend the night with him isn’t so much about bonking, if at all. Rather, as explained earlier, the singer is now dependent on his love. And it may be that tonight is the night that she wants to truly verify if he feels the same.

London Grammar, "Call Your Friends" Lyrics
Hannah Reid explains "Call Your Friends"

Release Date of “Call Your Friends”

“Call Your Friends” is a song recorded and performed by English Indie pop group, London Grammar. The song was released as part of the collective’s third studio offering entitled “Californian Soil”. April 16 of 2021 is the official issuance date for this track and its album.


“Call Your Friends” was co-authored and co-produced by British musician Steve Mac alongside the members of the group namely:

  • Hannah Reid
  • Dan Rothman
  • Dot Major

The “Californian Soil” Album

Record labels Ministry of Sound and Metal & Dust Recordings were responsible for releasing “Californian Soil”. This project was accompanied by five singles including its title track, which was issued during October 2020. “Baby It’s You” is the lead single from this record and it was released on August 19 of 2020. Three more singles were officially released in 2021 and they are as follows:

Although this record did not peak inside the Hot 100 in the US, it topped the national charts of multiple regions around the world including the UK.

“Californian Soil”, which also reached No.1 in Australia and Switzerland, entered the top-10 on the national album charts in the following countries:

  • New Zealand
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Austria
  • Germany
"Call Your Friends"

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