“How Does It Feel” by London Grammar

Whom the singer is asking the titular question to is her ex. And in full what she is inquiring of him, most comprehensively, is “how does it feel now that (she’s) gone?” 

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And in a way yes, Hannah does seem to be aware beforehand that her ex may be going through one particular difficulty or another directly due to her absence. 

Thus said question would be to some extent sarcastic, i.e. she throwing such in his face the way that exes tend to relish doing. Or put differently heading into the future she is able to boast that he will likely “never make the same mistake” which contributed to the dissolution of their relationship. 

But at the same time there’s a sense of humbleness on her part also.  For she too has learned, the hard way, “to never make the same mistake”. 

So conclusively we will say that whereas this isn’t necessarily an intricate narrative, it is quite realistic. For here we have both parties in a romance being in their feelings in the aftermath of a breakup which, as implied by the vocalist, both of them enabled.

Lyrics for "How Does It Feel"
Hannah Reid talks about "How Does It Feel"

Hannah Reid uses “How Does It Feel” to question her ex’s emotional state post-breakup, but she too is obviously lonely and in her feelings.

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