Aurora’s “Runaway” Lyrics Meaning

Aurora wrote this classic of her (“Runaway”) when she was but 12 year old. And whereas it is a masterful work for an author of that age group, perhaps as to be expected it also takes a bit of imagination to appreciate.

First let’s start off by saying that it doesn’t appear Aurora is literally singing about being a runaway. Yes, the second verse may be understood in such a manner. But the first already establishes a theme like this being more of a symbolic journey that she is on. Or perhaps another way of putting it is being the vocalist’s mind, not her body, that is doing the traveling. 

For whatever reason she doesn’t actually feel as if she is at home. And along those same lines, the way Aurora has described the origin of this song is as it being the result of a school assignment. Well she wasn’t fond of school nor the assignments associated with it. So maybe in a roundabout way, what she is actually doing is fantasizing about running away from the educational system.

Aurora explains "Runaway"

Thesis Sentiment of “Runaway”

But that noted, the lyrics aren’t actually centered on a desire to escape. Rather the thesis sentiment being relayed is one whereas the vocalist desires to go home. But apparently just as the concept of running away may be symbolic, so is the “home” she is speaking of. Or rather this notion of “home”, as originally conceived, is more of an idea than a physical location.

And if that explanation sounds a bit confusing there’s no need to worry, as Aurora herself admits that when she first put it together it was one she “didn’t fully understand”. 

Or as the young lady elaborated, it became more meaningful to her as she aged, almost as if her younger self was writing it to her future self. And going back to home being more symbolic than literal, what the narrative is actually meant to represent is the importance of having “a soft place to fall”.

Aurora discusses "Runaway"


Thus conclusively wherever it may be that is your refuge, your place of peace if you will, that would be your “home” or “soft place to fall”. And considering all that Aurora has said both inside the lyrics and in explaining the meaning of “Runaway” in interviews, what it seems she is ultimately getting at is that even if someone were to runaway – whether it be literal or in the case of, say, being a touring musician – ultimately he or she must return to the place where they feel most safe.

Lyrics to "Runaway"

Release of “Runaway”

The official release date of this track was on 7 February 2015. And it actually made an appearance on two different Aurora projects, being the lead single for both. And those two efforts would be her debut EP and debut album, respectively “Running With the Wolves” (2015) and “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend” (2016).

Music Video

The music video to this track, which was directed by British filmographer Kenny McCracken, proved to be an uncomfortable filming for Aurora. And if, concerning the title of her first album, you think it sounds a lot like a Billie Eilish project, you aren’t far off. 

In fact the music video to “Runaway” was one of a 12 year-old Billie Eilish’s “major inspirations” as far as embarking on her own music career was concerned.


Aurora is a solo singer from Norway. She has been professionally active since 2012. This was around the same time she signed with Glassnote Records, the label behind this track. 

She only released two full-lengths during the 2010s, her aforementioned debut project and “A Different Kind of Human (Step 2)” (2019). And she also came out with another EP in 2018 called Infections of a “Different Time (Step 1)”. And out of all of them, it was “All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend” which proved the most-successful. 


Achievements of “Runaway”

As far as singles go, “Runaway” can also be considered her greatest hit of the decade, even though it didn’t actually hit until after the decade. For instance, it charted in approximately 15 nations. And it has also been certified platinum in her homeland of Norway.

Some of the countries where “Runaway” charted include:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Lithuania
  • Switzerland

It was actually a top-40 hit in all of the aforementioned countries. Furthermore, it appeared on the UK Singles Chart.

But all of that success was not actually achieved until 2021. That is when “Runaway” experienced what we will refer to as the ‘TikTok effect’. In other words, it went viral on TikTok (as well as Instagram). Accordingly, it experienced a major boost in popularity, which also manifested itself commercially.

Did Aurora really write “Runaway” by herself?

Aurora is an artist who has been composing songs since before even becoming a teenager. This was also around the time she really became adept in the English language. 

And “Runaway”, which is in fact in English and not her native Norwegian, was penned by her when she was just around 12. That being said, it is important to highlight that she received assistance in completing this song in the person of Magnus Skylstad. 

Magnus (who is a record producer) also produced “Runaway” alongside Odd Martin.

Aurora’s “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend”

“All My Demons Greeting me as a Friend” is the official maiden album of Aurora’s career. It was officially released on March 11, 2016, by the American record label Glassnote Records and the British Record label Decca Records.

The album was recorded within a year from 2015 to 2016. Its producers included the likes of Electric, Magnus Skylstad, Nicholas Rescher and Aurora herself who served as its executive producer.

Throughout the album, Aurora reflects on topics surrounding emotional independence and accepting one’s flaws. “Demons” as used in the album title is a direct reference to all the dark and negative things people see about themselves.

The project gained positive reviews, earning numerous great spots on charts worldwide. For example, it topped the Norwegian Albums Charts. It also received a 2x Platinum certification from the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (Norway).

In addition to “Runaway”, other singles from the project are as follows:

  • “Running with the Wolves”
  • “Half the World Away”
  • “Conqueror”
  • “Winter Bird”
  • “I Went Too Far”

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