“Baby, I’m Jealous” by Bebe Rexha (ft. Doja Cat)

As this song’s title portrays, the singer admits to her partner that she is jealous and it is mainly because she feels insecure about herself.

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The singer in the first verse reveals her state of mind as she confesses that her jealousy is not necessarily because her partner is doing something deliberately, but due to her own lack of confidence, she thinks her man doesn’t love her. She seems to enjoy the relationship until she sees that her partner has liked a picture of another girl on social media, triggering her jealousy. The good thing is that the narrator is aware that her jealousy is unwarranted. However, her repetition of this word shows that she may find it difficult to change.


This collaboration addresses the issues of distrust as well as jealousy that arise in a relationship due to a person’s insecurity.

Writing and Production

This track was produced by Jussifer in association with Jason Gill. The writing, on the other hand, was taken care of by Rexha and her collaborator Doja alongside the following:

  • Justin Tranter
  • Jason Gill
  • Jussifer
  • Pablo Bowman

When did “Baby, I’m Jealous” come out?

Bebe’s team released this on 9th of October, 2020. It is a single from Bebe Rexha’s 2020 studio album. At the time the song was released, Bebe hadn’t made public the name of the album.

Is “Baby, I’m Jealous” the first collaboration between Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat?

Yes, it is. This marks the first official collabo between Bebe and Doja.

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