“Bad” by XXXTentacion

“Bad” is the title of a 2018 posthumous single by the late American singer and rapper XXXTentacion. “Bad” is for lack of a better phrase a love song. In the track, X tells his shawty how much he wants her love. He tells her that he’s heard of how “bad” she is. Her badness is obviously one of the biggest reasons why X wants her love.

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It’s noteworthy that in the colloquial world, the word “bad” means differently. In the English dictionary, it can be defined as anything that isn’t good. However, in the informal setting, the word can be used to refer to a trendy and very hot woman. A woman who is bad is so attractive and to a certain degree promiscuous. The word is used in a good way to describe such a woman. In other words, it’s a compliment.

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So in all, X has heard all these amazing things about the girl he’s interested in. Owing to this, all he wants is to have her.

"Bad" lyrics

Quick Facts about “Bad”

  • “Bad” The song was written by X along with producers/songwriters John Cunningham and Robert Soukiasyan.
  • The song’s co-writers John Cunningham (noted for his numerous collaborations with X) and Soukiasyan produced this song.
  • “Bad” will be released on November 9, 2018 as a posthumous single from X. X’s mother Cleopatra Bernard had initially confirmed the official release date via Instagram on November 7.
  • On May 18, 2018, whetted the appetite of his fans by posting a tiny snippet of the song. However, for some reason, he quickly deleted it. That constituted one of the last posts on Instagram X would make during his lifetime. Why? Because he was murdered a few weeks weeks after making that post.
  • Officially, “Bad” is the fifth posthumous release from XXXTentacion.
  • The song has a total length of just a minute and 34 seconds. It is made up of an intro two choruses and a single verse.
  • X handles all the vocals on this track.

You can listen to the official audio of “Bad” below:

Which album does “Bad” appear on?

This track appears on the album Skins. It was released as a leading single from Skins. FYI: The album in question is X’s first posthumous album.

Is there a music video for “Bad”?

Yes. The video came out on December 15, 2018.

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