Meaning of “Whoa (Mind in Awe)” by XXXTentacion

“Whoa (Mind in Awe)” is the fourth track on the late American hip hop artist XXXTentacion’s first posthumous album, Skins. On this song, the narrator sings about a number of very personal things in his life. One of these things is the promise he made to his mother that he would one day make it big in life.

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In addition to that, he also mentions the highs and lows of his life. In all, two things take central stage on this track. The first one is X’s ambitions to make it and the fact that he finally made it. The second is his mother and his vow never to abandon her.

What is the meaning of the song’s title?

The phrase “Whoa (Mind in Awe)”The word”whoa” is used to show surprise. The word “awe” is used to describe the feeling one gets when they are totally amazed by something. Owing to this, we can therefore deduce that the song’s title is referring to X being so amazed and surprised by something. And what could this thing be? It is obviously the fact that he finally achieved his dream to shine and make it big. His mind is now in awe at his massive success.

Facts about “Whoa (Mind in Awe)”

  • Three songwriters (including X) are credited with penning this song. The other two are X’s friend John Cunningham and American music producer and engineer Robert Soukiasyan. The pair has co-written several songs with X. Some of these songs include “Bad” and “What Are You So Afraid Of“.
  • Both Cunningham and SPEECHLESS (US) are credited with producing the song.
  • “Whoa (Mind in Awe)” The title of this track is actually stylized in lowercase. Therefore the correct way to write it is as follows: ​​”whoa (mind in awe)”.

Does “​​whoa (mind in awe)” contain samples?

Yes, it does. The track samples the instrumental of the song “Shangri-La” by SPEECHLESS (US). It is for this reason that SPEECHLESS (US) is given production credit on the song.

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