“$$$” by XXXTentacion & Matt Ox

This track features two different artists who for the most part play two different roles and deal with two different subject matters. Matt Ox is primarily responsible for the choruses, while XXXTentacion handles the song’s singular verse. And while Matt sticks to the titular subject of the song, which is money, X  for the most part focuses on his appreciation of the female body.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Matt OX's $$$ at Lyrics.org.

Once again Matt Ox brings us the money-centered chorus, with X only briefly interjecting some ad-libs.  However, if you are looking for a showcase of the young artist’s skills, it is probably best to look elsewhere. In other words, the choruses for the most part consist of Ox repeating phrases like “get money” and expressions such as “yeah” and “ooh-ooh”. When he does speak in whole sentences, the subject he focuses on once again is wealth – for instance mentioning his diamonds and the fact that soon his whole crew is going to be caked out.

XXXTentacion never talks about his own dough outright, although he may briefly allude to it when he mentions other guys being “jealous” and “bitter”. By and large, his section is focused on his intimate exploits or more specifically the fact that he is seemingly always willing to enjoy pleasurable moments with women.  

Ultimately this is a nice attempt by XXXTentacion and Matt Ox, though it would have been cool to hear Ox actually rap. Furthermore, it would have also been more-appreciable if X made more of an effort to stick to the main topic, unless he is trying to insinuate that it is the dollars that give him access to the company of a plethora of women.

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