Meaning of “Location” by Khalid

“Location” is a song performed by American singer and songwriter Khalid. The lyrics of “Location” purely center on love. In an interview the singer had with the music site Pigeons and Planes, he said the song’s lyrics are about “young love” – the kind that would make a person “travel all over the country” in order to find.

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He further stated that the lyrics tell the story of the search for something that every human being wants in life – “a real genuine lover”, which he admitted doesn’t really come easy.

Speaking with another music site Genius, Khalid said the lyrics are about that incredibly beautiful intimate love that two lovers feel when they are both face to face with each other in the same place (location).

Lyrics of the song "Location" by Khalid

Song’s Inspiration

A girl from Khalid’s hometown in El Paso, Texas was the inspiration behind the song’s lyrics. According to him, both he and the girl liked each other very much but the emotional obstacles between them prevented a meaningful relationship from developing.

Facts about “Location”

  • “Location” was written by Khalid in conjunction with 7 other songwriters, including American record producer Samuel Jimenez (also known as Smash David) who has over the years worked with such big names as Omarion, Flo Rida, Chris Brown and Big Sean. He produced the latter’s 2016 hit single “Bounce Back”. The other songwriters of “Location” are: Joshua Scruggs, Austin M., Barjam Kurti, Chris McClenney and Alfredo Gonzalez.
  • “Location” was produced by Smash David and a host of producers, including Tunji Ige and Syk Sense.
  • Khalid released “Location” while he was still in high school (America’s High School located in El Paso, Texas). According to him, the song came out a few weeks before his high school prom and helped him win prom king.
  • According to Khalid, his mother Linda Wolfe helped him with the song’s harmonies.
  • This track, which first came out in April 2016, is the first single from Khalid’s debut studio album titled American Teen.
  • This track became even more famous in the United States and the world over when American reality TV personality and socialite Kylie Jenner introduced it to her millions of followers across the globe in May 2016 by merely playing the track in one of her numerous Snaps on Snapchat.
  • Today, the song “Location” is one of the most famous and most successful singles of Khalid’s career. The song peaked at number 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100. On the UK Singles Chart, “Location” peaked at number 67.
  • This track’s official music video was directed by the American film and music video director, Alex Di Marco.


Does “Location” sample any song(s)?

No, it doesn’t.

Has “Location” been remixed by other artists?

Since the song came out in 2016, it has been remixed a number of times. One of the most famous official remixes of this song was done by American rapper Lil Wayne and American singer Kehlani of the teen pop band Poplyfe.

Has “Location” won a Grammy Award?

No. However, it was nominated for a Grammy for the Best R&B Song at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards in 2018. It lost to Bruno Mars’ smash hit “That’s What I Like”.

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