Bebe Rexha’s “You Can’t Stop the Girl” Lyrics Meaning

Bebe Rexha’s “You Can’t Stop the Girl” is a song that primarily serves as an ode to strong women. At the beginning of the track, Bebe acknowledges that such “angels” face conscientious attacks from others who want to “pull their wings off”. The aforementioned phrase is apparently a figure of speech used to mean that certain people want to limit such individuals from reaching their full potential. 

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This is manifest via actions such as others trying to control what they say or do. But the type of ‘girls’ the singer is referring to are those who do not let such instances persuade them. Indeed even in the face of such opposition they are brave, vociferous and effective.  Simply put, they’re strong and resilient women.

Thus on one hand Bebe, also referring to herself as such a lady, heralds the tenacity of her peers. And on the other she is telling their aforementioned opponents that in reality they do not possess the wherewithal to stop the progress of she and her ilk.

Lyrics of "You Can't Stop the Girl"

Quick Facts about “You Can’t Stop the Girl”

“You Can’t Stop the Girl” was released on September 20th, 2019.

It is a part of the soundtrack of the Disney’s 2019 film “Maleficent: Mistress of Evil”.

“You Can’t Stop the Girl” was produced by The Futuristics (J. Khajadourian and A. Schwartz).

They also co-wrote the song along with Bebe Rexha and many other songwriters, including the following:

  • N. Cyphert
  • Huffman
  • J. Lin
  • S. Nelson
  • M. Pollack
  • E. Sult

On which Bebe Rexha album is this song?

It will be featured on her sophomore studio album. As of its release date (9/20/2019), Bebe’s second album’s title is unknown. But what is known is that this track will be a part of that album. So also will the song “Not 20 Anymore” (which came out about two weeks priror).

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