“Bloody Valentine” by Machine Gun Kelly

The best way to describe Machine Gun Kelly’s character in “Bloody Valentine” is as someone who has lost faith in the whole notion of falling in love. Yet he finds himself in a relationship with a particular individual – that being the addressee – whom he has very strong romantic feelings for. Indeed he fantasizes about her being the one, so to speak.  But being the man that he is, he is not privy to entertaining the idea of this relationship actually developing into one that is truly deep. Basically he is totally pessimistic when it comes to romance. So under that disposition, he is saying that he is feeling this lady so much that he is willing to cast aside such apprehensions, even if only for one night and make like she is indeed his soulmate.

So conclusively, the macabre title of this song has nothing to do with literal bloodshed.  Rather it is a metaphor for the idea of the singer having no true faith in romance yet still being willing to open up his heart in that regard for only a single night due to him being totally smitten by this lady. Or perhaps another way of looking at is that he knows, from an emotional standpoint, that at the end of the day his relationship with this particular “Valentine” is not going to end favorably.

Lyrics of "Bloody Valentine"

Facts about “Bloody Valentine”

“Bloody Valentine” was released by Interscope Records and Bad Boy Records on 1 May 2020. It is the lead single from MGK’s fifth album, which is entitled “Tickets to My Downfall”.

The track was produced by Travis Barker, of Blink-182 fame. And he is also one of its co-writers along with Mod Sun, Nick Long and of course MGK.

Kelly has stated, respectively in regards to “Bloody Valentine” and “Tickets to My Downfall”, that “this is the most excited (he’s) ever been about a song or an album”.

8 Responses

  1. Charles says:

    As far as i have heard, the “valentine” is “Meagan Fox”

  2. person says:

    ……the video is kinda confusing me here. I don’t know if thats r*pe, or bloodshed, or really really toxic love, or……I honestly don’t know. Am I the only one?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yea very confused

  4. Penultimate2021 says:

    It’s Megan Fox for f–ks sake.
    She is the penultimate Valentine.

  5. Willow1972 says:

    I actually thought that the song referenced online (sex, po-n, virtual world)…THE SIMULATION JUST WENT BAD, BUT YOU’RE THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD.
    Fake love, wanting to try and recreate the same night outcome over and over again.
    He”ll take fake love, (SOMETHING NOT EMOTIONALLY REAL) When talking about not being able to stay, but he might just miss his flight, could be referencing some one addicted to this area of the internet and he knows he’s prepared to alter or give up on his commitments to others to stay and interact with his perfect simulation
    Also, when he’s calling her girlfriend in his head
    (What the fxxk), he is consciously aware she’s not real…as for the title, I read an interesting article about MGK and it referenced that on of the other Co writers felt putting MY infront of Bloody Valentine would help it not being confused with Good Charlotte Bloody Valentine.
    I think also at the end of the day, his real life girlfriend is probably most guys fantasy and having her in the video not only recognizes that, it could also be a very public announcement of their new relationship.
    I love the song, bit confused about the video which could really be a trigger for a lot of abuse survivors, so not great in that aspect.
    But hey I am a 49 year old Wife and Mother of adult children, my interpretation means Jack sh-t.
    Hope everyone is doing well during the troubling times we are all sharing, please stay safe and stay healthy.

  6. RubyInParis says:

    The guy has skills. Totally hooked on the music and watching Travis play is better than Bonham.

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