“Daywalker!” by Machine Gun Kelly (ft. Corpse)

Corpse is an internet celebrity whose character is based on a horror-movie type of motif. And likewise the title of this song (Daywalker!) would have been inspired by a vampire/superhero film known as Blade (1998). 

Even though the content of the lyrics doesn’t have anything to do with vampires, it is based on a similar notion as the term is used the movie. And that is the vocalists being sort of horrors themselves who venture out into the day. And the way this is manifested in practical terms is by them losing their cool when confronted with violent or provoking situations.

For instance, the first verse starts off with MGK punching some “motherf—er in the face”, presumably because dude has said something that offended them. 

Then he goes on to beat him in full view of the public, i.e. leaving his defeated body “at the spotlight”. Indeed even while this guy is on the ground, Machine Gun proceeds to stomp him out. And he knows that this violent outburst will have a lasting effect on himself. But he fully embraces it and basically threatens to do it again if someone comes in his face talking sh-t. 

And in terms of enlightening the listener of the main theme of this track, keep in mind that for the most part the chorus that follows simply consists of the vocalist repeating the word “fight”, in an affirmative kind of way.

Lyrics of Daywalker!

Corpse steps in

But that doesn’t mean that Corpse comes off as being as violent as his collaborator. His case reads more as one of self-defense, i.e. him some dudes ‘trying to kill him’ first. 

But now that he has been tested in such a manner, he is vowing to kill those who attempted to take his life. And like MGK he is asking the audience if they are able to keep a secret. That implies that both narrators are well they are committing crimes but intend to (or already have) anyway. Or stated differently they know that they are wrong but have given in to the dark side regardless.

MGK and Corpse

In fact it is upon such an idea that their mutual third verse (led by MGK) begins, with the vocalist praying for forgiveness in the aftermath of his violent actions. While inside his room he can hear the ambulances going by, attending to the dude that he has murdered or seriously injured. And even though he is seeking forgiveness he isn’t actually penitent, as he vows to “do that again” if verbally provoked. 

So it sounds as if Kelly in particular is addressing his opps, warning them of what may transpire if they keep speaking bad about him.

But beyond that, the character(s) at hand in general reads as one who has serious internal issues, “hyperventilating” and perhaps being addicted to pills. And of course he obviously possesses an extremely-violent mind. In fact the third verse concludes with MGK threatening to riot on par with the protestors who shook the world when they invaded Capitol Hill (i.e. Washington D.C.) in early 2021.


So it’s like Wyclef said so many years ago. And that is when popular musicians make songs such as these, the lyrics aren’t meant to be taken literally. For if they were literal then the selfsame musicians would be in jail already. 

So the wording of Daywalker rather reflects a violent fantasy the two artists, we can say Machine Gun Kelly in particular, possess.

Who is Corpse?

As of the release of this track on 12 March 2021, Corpse (aka Corpse Husband) is primarily a YouTuber. He is known for producing, as his name implies, horror-centered content. He is also a gamer who made a name for himself along those lines by streaming himself playing Among Us (2018) in 2020. 

And his horror shtick and gaming pursuits combined have resulted in the internet personality attaining in excess of 7,000,000 subscribers as of early 2021.

In 2020 Corpse also began releasing music, the most-notable tune being “E-Girls Are Ruining My Life“, which appeared on the UK Singles Chart.  

“Daywalker is his first collaboration with Machine Gun Kelly or any A list musician for that matter. And just to note, Corpse is one of those kinds of internet personalities who keeps his face and background hidden. But this is obviously due to Corpse being seriously ill. 

He first announced that he and MGK were coming out with “Daywalker!” in December of 2020. And just to note, this track also marks Machine Gun Kelly’s first release for the year 2021.


Meanwhile MGK is a much more established artist. For instance, his album “Tickets to My Downfall”, which came out about six months before this track, topped the Billboard 200. And as of early 2021, he also has more social media followers than Corpse, with nearly 8,000,000 subscribers on Instagram.

The “Daywalker!” Song

Concerning the title of this track, “Daywalker” is a term coined in the Blade trilogy of films starring Wesley Snipes. The protagonist of the movies is a vampire who, unlike his ilk, is unaffected by sunlight, thus earning the title “the Daywalker”.

This song was written and produced by Machine Gun Kelly in conjunction with his regular track-composition partners, BazeXX and SlimXX. And Corpse also contributed to the writing of the song.

This song was put out by Bad Boy Entertainment, unassociated with any album at the time of its release. 12th March, 2021 was its official date of release.

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