“Why Are You Here” by Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly’s “Why Are You Here” would logically be directed towards the singer’s ex. MGK has stated that it is based on a real-life experience with someone he was once dating. And basically the way the story goes is that the two of them run into each other at a particular venue. And at the time they were both moving with someone else, i.e. another romantic interest. So it is an awkward situation. But either way they still manage to engage in a spontaneous sensual tryst. Thus the innuendo is that romantic feelings still exist between the two of them. 

However, Machine Gun seems to have already come to the conclusion that they are incompatible. Indeed the thesis sentiment of this song is that he doesn’t even believe the two of them can be friends. 

So we can conclude that this is sort of a love/hate type of situation. But at the end of the day, the artist has clearly reached the point where he no longer actually desires to see the addressee, therefore questioning why is she even around him in the first place. So the implication may be that he believes their aforementioned meeting was in fact intentional on her part.

Lyrics of “Why Are You Here”

Did Machine Gun Kelly write “Why Are You Here”?

This song was written and produced by Machine Gun Kelly along with his consistent collaborators, BazeXX and SlimXX.

And in terms of its songwriting RookXX, Goody Grace and Nick Long also contributed.

Release Date

Interscope Records released “Why Are You Here” on 18 December 2019, as a standalone single though apparently slated to be featured on a forthcoming MGK album.

5 Responses

  1. Jon says:

    An alternate possible meaning is that “she” is a personification of a drug. MGK is saying he can’t use casually (be friends) and he can’t tell his friends when he screws up and uses. He just can’t have it around at all.

    • Bryan says:

      +1 to Jon. Its def about drugs. Specifically coke. Evidence from the lines “shes the angel with the white” and “make sure nothings on my nose”

      • shamool says:

        Oh this actually makes sense!!

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s “make sure nothing’s on YOUR nose” lol not “my” but yeah, and i think that might be part of it, but what about all the other lines? Most definitely refer to her as a person and an ex. But definitely part of it is probably to do with drugs

  2. leigha says:

    yeah but i love this music and he is hot and he is a good rapper and singer

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