“Concert for Aliens” by Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly’s “Concert for Aliens” reflects on the rapper’s formative teenage years and expresses his disappointment with the results of his decisions.

As he begins the verses, he hints on how people and events almost always predict that the world is about to end and there’ll be disasters. The writer probably uses this as an opener to justify his behavior of only living in the moment and not thinking about the future.

In the chorus and subsequent verses of the song, we see him calling for SOS because he feels he has messed up his own life with immature decisions. He recalls deliberately refusing to go to law school in his youth by piercing and dying his hair. He recognizes that his rebellious lifestyle and decisions have resulted in a messed-up life where he feels insecure and controlled by his feelings.

In all, MGK talks about his regrets while calling for redemption from his past immature decisions.

Song Information

Composers: MGK, Travis Barker and Nick Long
Production: T. Barker
Album: “Tickets To My Downfall”
Date of Release: August the Fifth, 2020

Did MGK release “Concert for Aliens” as a single?

Yes. He released it as the second single from his fifth studio album, following “Bloody Valentine“.

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