“In Pieces” by Chlöe

“In Pieces” tells the story of finally finding someone good for you, and wanting them around all the time. Now that Chlöe has found this person in her life, she can’t see life without them around. Furthermore, she’s allowed herself to be super vulnerable with this person that she wants them around even when she’s falling apart. In other words, this person has become her glue to keep intact.

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But does this person feel the same way as she does? It’s unknown in this song, but Chlöe states clearly that she wants them to need her, just like she needs them. 

“‘Cause I don’t wanna go on
Oh, livin’ a life that you’ve been missin’
And I don’t want nobody else
To hold me when I’m in pieces”

Release of “In Pieces”

In addition to being the final song on Chlöe’s first solo album, “In Pieces” also serves as the project’s title track and third single.

The track was issued on the 29th of March 2023, a few days prior to the official launch of its album, which dropped on the 31st.


Although she was part of the song’s production team, the Atlanta-born star was not involved in writing it.  “In Pieces” was actually written by Australian songwriter Alex Hope and US musician Mikky Ekko. And both writers were also involved in producing the track.

In Pieces

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