“Someone’s Calling” by Chlöe

The inspiration behind Chlöe sampling Louis Armstrong’s “Chloe (Song of the Swamp)” into “Someone’s Calling” is her grandfather, as he used to sing it to her while she was a little girl. The original lyrics follow the story of a man searching and calling out for his lover, Chloe.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Chlöe's Someone's Calling at Lyrics.org.

In Chlöe’s take, she gives it a more enhanced and darker feel with her overlaying her vocals on the original track. It feels almost as if she’s luring someone (or herself) into a spell. Many fans have also said that the track exudes a Disney vibe, in particular Snow White and Cinderella, when the witch and stepsisters were calling for them respectively. 

Someone’s calling, no reply
Nightshade’s falling, hear him sigh (Ah)”

Release Date of “Someone’s Calling”

“Someone’s Calling” serves as the opening track for the “In Pieces” album, a debut solo studio project by Chlöe. The track was issued along with the entire album on March 31 of 2023.

The album is a product of a joint effort between two record labels, Columbia Records and Parkwood Entertainment.

“In Pieces” was preceded by three singles including its title track, which was released as the third single on March 29 of 2023. The first single dropped on January 27. It is titled “Pray It Away“.

The record’s second single is “How Does It Feel“. This track has an official release date of February 24 of 2023. The fourth single, “Cheatback”, was issued on the same day as this album.


“Someone’s Calling” was solely produced by Chlöe herself. It was written by its original composers Charles Daniels and Gus Kahn.

Someone's Calling

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