“Worried” by Chlöe

When an ex keeps faking worry and trying to get back with you when you’re in a better place, this track (“Worried”) should be one to play to them.

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The lyrics tell the story of Chlöe’s ex, who had cheated on her, trying to get back into her life. As he fakes being concerned over her, she, of course, couldn’t care less and tells him off that she’s better without him. In fact, she does one better by calling him unworthy of her.

And despite the fact she may be bitter towards him, she still goes on to offer him some word of advice, which is for him to “swallow (his) pride” in order to get some “peace of mind”. At the end of the day, all she wants is for him to leave her alone and in peace. 

“Why you worried? (You worried)
Don’t be worried (You worried)
I’m not worried (Not worried)
You not worthy (Not worthy)
Oh, you hurt me (You hurt me)
Don’t deserve me (deserve me)
‘Cause I’ma love me better at the end of the night”

Release Date of “Worried”

“Worried” is one of fourteen tracks from the Atlanta-born singer’s debut studio offering, “In Pieces”. This song and its album share the same official release date, which is the 31st of March 2023.

Three singles preceded the official launch of “In Pieces”. The song “Pray It Away” was the first to be released from this project, and it officially landed on 27th January 2023. On 24th February the second single, “How Does It Feel“, was issued.

The third and fourth singles, “In Pieces” and “Cheatback”, were both issued in March on the 29th and 31st, respectively.  

Writing and Production Credits for “Worried”

Chlöe authored this along with the track’s co-producers Metro Boomin, Elias Klughammer and David Ruoff. The song’s other writer is US artist Feli Ferraro, who is known for collaborating with the likes of Chris Brown and Normani. She worked with the former on his 2019 song titled “Undecided”.


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