“I Don’t Mind” by Chlöe

This track (“I Don’t Mind”) takes us on a spiraling story. From the start, it seems that Chlöe could be talking about an ex who’s still in love with her and wants her back. Yet, she doesn’t want to get beyond a physical relationship with him.

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And then, we slowly see how the narrative changes as she questions him for a reason as to why he’s choosing her over his other “hoes”. This shows some level of consideration in taking him back, resulting in her fighting with herself as she doesn’t want him, but can’t see him with anyone else. There is a showcase of lust as well, as Chlöe mentions the guy is “too damn fine”, meaning that she could possibly overlook everything else for his hotness. 

“Boy, you’re still in love
Droppin’ all your h–s for this
Droppin’ all your h–s for it
Oh, boy, you’re still in love
Like, what is the reason?
What is the reason?
I don’t mind, no”

When did Chlöe release “I Don’t Mind”?

Issued on March 31 of 2023, “I Don’t Mind” marks the fourth song on the tracklist of Chlöe’s album named “In Pieces”. To note, said project also dropped on the same day.

The “In Pieces” album is  Chlöe’s  first individual studio project to be released outside the duo, Chloe x Halle.

The first track released as a single from this album was “Pray It Away“, which dropped on 27th January 2023. The following month, on the 24th, the Atlanta-born singer and her team issued the second single titled, “How Does It Feel“.

Two more singles were issued from this album in March. One of these singles, “In Pieces”, was made public on the 29th whereas the other single, “Cheatback”, was officially announced on the 31st.

Did Chlöe write “I Don’t Mind”?

The singer composed and produced this song in conjunction with a Nigerian-British record producer called P2J.

I Don't Mind

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