“Make It Look Easy” by Chlöe

Chlöe shows a lot more vulnerability on “Make It Look Easy”. She comes clean about how messed up her life behind the scenes is – and not just with her romantic relationships, but with her family and herself. A bitter pill to swallow, it’s definitely the hardest topic to open up about no matter how famous one may be.

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Here, she states that no matter how many times she’s been broken, she’s fixed herself up every time. On the other hand, despite her strength putting herself together, she’s fighting her inner demons that questions her every decision as well.  In order to cancel out the noises in her head, she focuses all her energy on her work and making a good name for herself. These are the things that make her feel in control, even as the world is crashing around her.

“Yeah, I make it look easy
Yeah, I make it look easy
But there’s so much I’m needin’
I just make it look easy, me”

And she doesn’t stop there. Chlöe goes on to put a word out to all her haters – telling them that they won’t be able to do the things she does without complaining. In fact, she makes it look so easy but nobody truly knows the bullshit she puts up with to get to where she is. 

Release Date and Credits for “Make It Look Easy”

On March 31 of 2023, the Atlanta-born record artist released “Make It Look Easy” off her debut solo album entitled “In Pieces”.

The singer contributed to the writing and production of this tune. UPNORTH and Chanelbigs are the song’s other producers, with the latter also contributing as a songwriter.

In addition to the above-mentioned writers, the following other artists have been credited as songwriters for this track:

  • Nicolai Andersen
  • Kasper Hinze
  • Anders Storm Runge Christiansen


“In Pieces” shares the same release date with this track. It was put out by a joint effort from two American record labels, Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records.

Before and after its launch, several singles were issued to promote this project. On January 27 of 2023 Chlöe and her team dropped “Pray It Away” as the lead single from this project. Subsequent singles followed, with “How Does It Feel” released as the second single on February 24 of 2023.

The month of March saw the official release of two singles from this record. The first of these shares the same title as this album, and this song was put out on the 29th of March. A couple of days later, on the 31st, the fourth single was unveiled.

Make It Look Easy

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