“Bombshell” by Halestorm

The title of this song, as utilized, is a double entendre. The term “bombshell”, as commonly used and within the context of this piece, is a colloquialism, pointing to a lady who is unanimously considered to be attractive. To be honest, Lzzy Hale can be considered a looker herself. So the inference is that she knows how it feels to be cast into such a category. And as presented, it is one in which women are instructed to, shall we say play the Barbie role, i.e. always appearing sexy, happy and compliant.

But what the vocalist is saying is that she’s a “bombshell” alright. And she means that more in the literal sense of the word, i.e. in recognition of her explosiveness. So what Lzzy is putting forth is – excuse our French – that no one should come in her face with that pretty-little-good-girl BS.

Yes, she is “fragile”, in the same way a bomb is fragile until you decide to toy with it. So reading in between the lines, this is bit of a feminist piece or at least one where the female vocalist lets it be known that she’s not privy to conforming to submissive gender norms that are often used to define her sex.

Lyrics to Halestorm's "Bombshell"

Release of “Bombshell”

“Bombshell” is one of the songs found on “Back from the Dead” (which is Halestorm’s fifth studio project). This album (along with “Bombshell) was commercially released by Atlantic Records on May 6 of 2022.

With a run time of 3 minutes and 7 seconds, “Bombshell” holds the distinction of being its album’s shortest track.

Writing and Production Credits

It is important to take note of the fact that frontwoman, Lzzy Hale, co-wrote all the songs on her band’s “Back from the Dead” album. This therefore automatically makes her one of the writers of “Bombshell”.

The members of Halestorm are officially acknowledged as writers of this track. As of the release date of “Bombshell”, Halestorm consists of Lzzy and the following:

  • Arejay Hale (drummer)
  • Joe Hottinger (guitarist)
  • Josh Smith (bassist)

The production duties of “Bombshell” were taken care of by two acclaimed American record producers: Nick Raskulinecz and Scott Stevens.


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