“Raise Your Horns” by Halestorm

The lyrics of “Raise Your Horns” are heavily imbued with symbolism – more so, it can be said, than any other track found on its album (“Back from the Dead”). But most generally speaking, what the vocalist is encouraging the audience to do is be fearless in living the life as they idealize.

But of course, the title of the song is “raise your horns”. And once again taking the other songs found on this same album into consideration, said title would most likely be a reference to, most honestly speaking, the devil.

More specifically, in 2018 Lzzy Hale started an initiative – which went on to become pretty popular – called #raiseyourhorns. The purpose of that campaign was, most easily explained, to encourage sufferers of mental illness to air out their personal experiences related to such. This was in the aftermath of another female musician, one Jill Janus, committing suicide.

And no, the above assertion is not to imply that there was anything evil behind said initiative. But the devil is the character who is commonly depicted as having “horns”. So in encouraging the audience to “raise” theirs, all things considered that would be another way of Lzzy supporting them to embrace their dark sides, so to speak.

To Hell with Organized Religion!

Or explained otherwise, Lzzy is someone who doesn’t particularly believe in mainstream moral and religious standards. So what she’s promoting here is that people accept their own countercultural leanings. On top of that, pointing to the aforenoted concept of mental health, adherents should not be ashamed to show how they’ve been ‘scarred’ by “this world”. 

So the implication behind it all is that the vocalist perceives society as a bad institution. In her eyes, society stifles personal liberties and can also prove traumatizing to those who live therein.

For the sake of not getting in over our heads, it may be best that we stop here, as there’s obviously even more than the above going on in the lyrics. But what Halestorm is in this case putting forth is fundamentally twofold. First is, we are once again met with one of their songs which appears to espouse secular humanism, though a lot more indirectly than the song “The Steeple“. Secondly, somewhat similar to “Psycho Crazy“, the vocalist recognizes that it is sometimes society itself, in a manner of speaking, which messes people up in the head.

Halestorm, "Raise Your Horns" Lyrics

When was “Raise Your Horns” released?

“Raise Your Horns” is the eleventh and final track on the “Back from the Dead” album by Halestorm. Halestorm released this song as part of the album in question on May 6 of 2022.

This album, which is the band’s 5th, produced the following singles:


Lzzy Hale composed “Raise Your Horns” in conjunction with long-time collaborator, Scott Stevens.

On the song’s production side, co-writer, Scott, worked with one Nick Raskulinecz. The pair therefore hold sole production credits.

Raise Your Horns

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