“Psycho Crazy” by Halestorm 

The vocalist ( Lzzy Hale) is one of those kinds of people who sees “psychotherapy” as a means of conflict. In other words, if you step to Lzzy and suggest that she “got [mental] problems”, her reaction would likely be to spaz. And the reason being is because as implied, it’s people being up in her face and criticizing in such a manner which actually causes the vocalist to flip. So the concept the song “Psycho Crazy” is speaking to, comprehensibly put, is an idea like constantly labeling a person as “crazy” and liable to make them, out of frustration, behave in such a manner.

Lyrics to Halestorm's "Psycho Crazy"

Release of “Psycho Crazy”

This is a song from the album, “Back from the Dead” by “Halestorm”. The song was released on the same day as the album (the 6th of May 2022). The album happens to be the American rock band’s fifth studio album. It was marketed by the singles below.


As can be easily predicted, Lzzy holds the writing credits for “Psycho Crazy”. However, she is not credited as the song’s only writer because she received writing assistance from Scott Stevens.

Over the years, Scott has worked quite extensively with the band, co-writing some of their biggest hits.

Its production was handled by Scott and Nick Raskulinecz.

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