“Boyfriend” by Ariana Grande & Social House

Ariana Grande’s “Boyfriend” is centered on a budding romance with a modern twist, if you will. That is to say that the singers, who portray the roles of the people in this relationship, are magnetically attracted to each other. But at the end of the day, they are reluctant to get involved based on possessing a number of personal issues and dispositions which make them doubt the relationship would actually succeed.

For instance, both Ariana and Mikey describes themselves respectively as a “train wreck”, alluding to their minds currently being in a tumultuous-emotional state. Moreover it is easy to conclude that amongst the causes of such were their having their hearts broken in the past. Perhaps Scootie sums it up best during his verse, when he states that his “stress [is] high” and “trust low”.

So throughout the track the artists express a strong romantic tension. Indeed things have reached a point where they do not even desire anyone else except each other. Yet once again they are unwilling to formally commit. And it all seems to come to a head during the closing chorus when Ari-Chan states “we ain’t go to tell nobody”. In other words, as also depicted in the track’s music video, things have reached a point where they are down to hookup without formalizing their union, even keeping it a secret if need be. That is to say that the attraction between them is so strong that even though Mikey is not Ariana’s “boyfriend” – and vice versa – ultimately they cannot resist the urge to get intimate with each other.

"Boyfriend" lyrics

Release Date of “Boyfriend”

Republic Records in conjunction with Silent Records as well as SRV LabelCo released “Boyfriend” on 2 August 2019.

It has been reported Ariana Grande had been teasing this track for at least a week before its release, such as using arrow-themed imagery, with archery also playing a prominent role in the highly-theatrical music video. However, the first truly-identifiable teaser is said to be the one she posted onto Twitter  on 28 July 2019.

The director of the music video is Hannah Lux Davis, and its producer is Brandon Bonfiglio.

Is this Ariana Grande’s first collaboration with Social House?

No. She and Social House have collaborated extensively in the recent past, beginning in 2018 with Grande’s track “Goodnight n Go”.  However, this is the first time that Social House have actually contributed lead vocals to a song with Ariana as opposed to just production.

Writing and Production of “Boyfriend”

This collabo was produced by Edgar Barrera alongside Mr. Franks and TBHits. They are also writers of the song, along with Social House (Michael “Mikey” Foster and Charles “Scootie” Anderson) and Ariana Grande.

 FYI, as of the release of this song Ariana Grande is an official celebrity ambassador of Givenchy, a luxury-fashion brand based in France.  And in the music video to “Boyfriend” she wears a Givenchy dress.

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