Meaning of “Zeze Freestyle” by Joyner Lucas

“Zeze Freestyle” is the fourth installment in the feud between rappers Joyner Lucas and Tory Lanez.  All four tracks, with each artist scribing two respectively, were released within a 36-hour span.

Verse 1

You can tell that Lucas is responding directly to personal insults levied against him during Lanez’s “Litty Again (Freestyle)”, as he now drops lyrics in kind.  He starts off by questioning why after being a professional rapper for so long Lanez has experienced relatively-little success.  He then brings up private issues surrounding Tory’s childhood and actually mentions some of his relatives, just as Tory brought up Joyner’s father in “Litty Again”.  The lyrics throughout the rest of this lengthy verse then go on to basically question Lanez’s proficiency as a rapper.

Verse 2

The second verse starts off with Lucas accusing Tory of stealing lyrics, which of course throws his very legitimacy as a rapper into question.  Later he refers to Lanez as his “son” and goes on to take a paternal, authoritative tone with him, which may be in response to Tory claiming he’s Lucas’ “older brother” in “Litty Again”.  He also makes a number of unfavorable references to Tory’s physical appearance, similar to what he did in the original “Litty Freestyle”.  The track then climaxes with Joyner claiming he’s “authentic” and comparing himself to musical legends and also insinuating that he is no longer interested in participating in this beef with Lanez.


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