“Glass House” by Machine Gun Kelly (ft. Naomi Wild)

The lyrics of “Glass House” are about the alarming amount of depression Machine Gun Kelly is dealing with, which appear to be caused primarily by external factors. The title of the track is derived from its refrain (performed by Naomi Wild), in which the artist is depicted as being “all alone in a glass house”. 

This can mean many different things, as the expression “glass house” has various meanings and applications. For instance, the term is synonymous with a  military prison in Britain. And during one part of the song, MGK does state that being inside “this glass house (felt) like a prison”. However, a perhaps more-plausible theory is that the “glass house” represents him bearing his soul on this song, as in being transparent and keeping nothing hidden.

And indeed here we witness MGK in his most-vulnerable mental state. He laments the death of popular rappers/musicians whose demise came very prematurely. These artists include:

  • “Nipsey” Hussle (who was murdered in 2019)
  • “Lil Peep” (who died of a drug overdose in 2017)
  • “Mac” Miller (who also died from an overdose in 2018)
  • Chester Bennington (who committed suicide in 2017). 

And MGK laments the premature deaths of the above artists from a very-personal perspective, detailing how he was either directly associated with this individuals or wishes he had been. He also brings up another close “homey”, Pete Davidson, seemingly in reference to the fact that he is a known victim of mental disorders and severe depression.

Indeed the ultimate reason Kelly mentions the aforementioned people is actually to allude to his own depression. In other words, seeing these people pass away and his friend Pete Davidson suffering is bumming him out. But there are other factors contributing to Machine Gun’s negative mental disposition, such as drug abuse and apparently the lifestyle he is living in general.

And verily, Machine Gun Kelly has some serious issues. For instance, in the third verse he recounts an experience in which he actually attempted to take his own life. Furthermore, in the chorus (as well as the first verse) he insinuates that he wants to die.

But while MGK’s depression may be at the foundation of “Glass House”, the main purpose of this song is not to serve as a sob story or to leave the audience feeling sad also. Rather it is Kelly’s means of airing out, as he wants others to know how he is “really feeling”. And while the outlook may appear bleak, he does end the song (i.e. the third verse) on somewhat of a positive note by questioning the lifestyle he and his companions are living and expressing a desire for some type of change.

Lyrics of "Glass House"

Release Date of “Glass House”

This highly emotional track is featured on Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel Diablo album of 2019. It was originally released with the album on 5 July 2019 by courtesy of Bad Boy Entertainment in collaboration with Interscope Records. In addition to this song, Hotel Diablo also produced other outstanding tracks such as: “Floor 13“, “Burning Memories” and “Death in My Pocket

Machine Gun Kelly and Naomi Wild

“Glass House” is the first collaboration between MGK and Naomi Wild.

Creation of “Glass House”

This song was produced by WYNNE, Alex Lustig and MGK’s multi-purpose homey, SlimXX.

All three of the producers also contributed to the lyrical composition of the song along with India Quateman and of course Machine Gun Kelly.

 MGK once worked with the late Mac Miller

Machine Gun Kelly actually recorded some material with the late Mac Miller (whose name he mentions in “Glass House”) circa 2010. However, for some reason the track was never released.

MGK and the late Chester Bennington were Friends

MGK was also friends with the late Chester Bennington (whom he mentions in this song). Indeed Kelly is known for being a fan of the band and was actually one of their opening acts during the band’s 2017 “One More Light World Tour”. Sadly, Bennington committed suicide while the tour was still in progress.

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