“Breaking News 2” by Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) may have released “Breaking News 2” as a sequel to “Breaking News”, as well as an intro to his fourth studio album titled Hotel Diablo. The rapper mainly hints about his feats and goals for the year.

MGK clearly reminds his audience that it’s his time since he has been killing the rap game for the last decade. He puts his listeners in an anticipatory mood as he reveals that he’s going to upgrade, have a big day and get a big chain this year. He seems to use these terms to suggest that he may be winning several awards or raising the bar after he fully releases his album.

Lyrics of "Breaking News 2"

The rapper goes on to address naysayers in the second verse. He fires them with his fast-paced speech while making them aware that if they thought they had seen the best of his rap, they are in for a blast. He further assures them that he’s ready for a battle if they think he’s just setting up a beef.

“Breaking News 2” ends with MGK claiming that he’s the best of the best and if he’s not among the top ten in the industry, it means there’s nothing much to talk about.

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