“Last November” by Machine Gun Kelly 

Machine Gun Kelly has stated that “Last November” is directly connected to “Twin Flame“. “Twin Flame” is a track he came out with a few months earlier as part of the standard edition of “Mainstream Sellout”. Interlaced into that particular track is the sound of a heartbeat which some fans of MGK interpreted as possibly alluding to his sweetheart, celebrity actress Megan Fox, being pregnant, with one particularly keen netizen even speculating that she may have had a miscarriage. 

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Well Kelly has confirmed that unfortunately, such was the case, i.e. Fox miscarrying. And reportedly, it was that incident which inspired “Twin Flame”. It also inspired “Last November”.

And the easiest way to understand this song, all background considered, is as Kelly addressing he and Megan’s “unborn child”. He had previously dedicated a live performance of “Twin Flame” to the said unborn child. So with that in mind, of course the song is tender and also quite personal, even though the lyrics have a general applicability. 

A Sorrowful Track

As to be expected when such misfortune strikes, at first we find the vocalist questioning why it transpired. Shortly afterwards we are met with the thesis sentiment of this track which, most simply put, can be described as one of sadness. 

Concerning the overall motif, MGK is apparently acknowledging that the spirit of the late fetus is still alive. He is imagining that it is somewhere floating around in the cosmos. Furthermore, he is hoping that it will show him some sort of sign of its continued existence.

Meanwhile “November [of] last year”, as referenced in the chorus, would obviously be a point in time in which the pregnancy was healthily proceeding along, prior to the miscarriage. And what MGK is further putting forth is a “wish” that he “could go back” to that point, “when it was still so beautiful” – with said “it” presumably being a reference to life itself.

The Takeaway

So conclusively, it’s as if the vocalist understands that losing the child will be something he’ll never fully recuperate from emotionally. And yes, it is quite interesting that Kelly opted to drop a song like this at the same time many of his pro-choice countrymen are incensed that the US Supreme Court has once again given individual states the right to dictate their own abortion laws, even though “Last November” is not about losing a fetus that way.

Machine Gun Kelly, "Last November" Lyrics

Release Date of “Last November”

This track is from “Life in Pink”, i.e. the deluxe edition of Machine Gun Kelly’s “Mainstream Sellout”, an album that originally came out during March of 2022. The deluxe edition sports six new tracks including “Last November”. Bad Boy and Interscope officially put it out on 24 June 2022.


MGK regular collaborators Travis Barker and Dark Waves appear on this song. They produced the piece, in addition to co-writing it with MGK and Aldae.

Interesting to Note:

MGK currently has one child, a girl who entered this world in 2009. Megan Fox currently has three children via her previous marriage.

Last November

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  1. Aftan G Hogan says:

    I lost my boss last year on November 17th I took care of him for 12 years he became my family and this song really brings tears especially sence I was the one who found him that morning and if I wouldn’t had fell asleep I might had Ben able to save him so other from me being a mgk fan starting in 2011 EST till I die this song has help me get through the same horrible mouth as he was filling the pain to we both lost someone we loved so much but mine was 76 his was still in the belly I’m sorry for your loss Mr and Mrs baker

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