“Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares” by XXXTentacion

In “Everybody Dies In Their Nigthmares”, XXXTentacion expresses anxiety about going to sleep and other common aspects of life, such as women and traffic. What this and the title itself actually alludes to is that fact that the artist feels tortured in his own mind. So apparently when he does go to sleep or when he is alone are  when he is most-vulnerable to this mental agony, as those are the times when he truly gets lost in his thoughts.

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Thus in summation, the theme of “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares” basically flows along the same lines as many other emo raps of its day, as the singer presents himself as someone whose own thought processes – which ultimately he cannot get away from – plague him.

Lyrics of "Everybody Dies in their Nightmares

Facts about “Everybody Dies In Their Nightmares”

“Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares” peaked at number 42 on the Billboard Hot 100. On the British Singles Chart, it reached number 88.

Writing credits for this song go to XXXTentacion as well as indie singer Shiloh Dynasty. The latter’s vocals were sampled for use on the chorus.

The record labels behind this song are Empire and Bad Vibes Forever.

This song came out as a feature on XXXTentacion’s album 17. 17 dropped on 25 August 2017. On the 17 album also appears the hit single “Jocelyn Flores“.

Potsu, who worked on numerous tracks on 17, is the producer behind “Everybody Dies in Their Nightmares”.

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