“Past Life” by Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez

This track may come off as a love song. However, what it is truly about is the singers’ ‘past lives’. More to the point, it can be said that they have done things before which now haunt them. And said regret has persisted, partially due to the fact that they had the tendency to actually repeat these mistakes. So basically, what this song represents is their commitment to finally put those issues behind them – i.e. leave them in the “past” – and partake of a new lease, more-edifying lease on life.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez's Past Life at Lyrics.org.

Facts about “Past Life”

This song was released by Interscope Records and Alamo Records on 26 June 2020. It is actually the remix of a track by the same name which Trevor Daniel dropped earlier in the year.

This is the first collaboration between Selena and Trevor Daniel. And their partnership can trace its origin back to Trevor showing Selena love on Instagram, which she took notice of.

Trevor and Gomez co-wrote this remix along with five other songwriters, namely:

  • Caroline Pennell
  • Jay Stolar
  • Mick Coogan
  • Finneas (who is the brother of singer Billie Eilish)
  • Sean Myer

Finneas and Myer are also the exclusive producers of “Past Life”.

The song’s main riff sounds very similar to the opening section of the opening riff of Oasis’ iconic hit song “Wonderwall“.

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