“She” by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez’s “She” fits into two pop-music genres at once. First is that it features lyrics that are true-to-life to the singer’s personal experiences. And second is that it is based on one of those scenarios in which the singer is fantasizing about talking to a younger version of herself. If so were indeed possible, the current Selena would give the younger Selena some advice. And said advice would be that she should trust her own instincts.

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Or stated otherwise, the singer had done some things in the past that she regrets. So the implication would be that she even knew at the time that these weren’t the best decisions. However, Selena was not only “too young” in the early days of her stardom but also caught up in the “Hollywood” lifestyle. And those two factors combined ultimately led to her having to deal with a considerable amount of emotional pain.

So if so desired we could stretch the lyrics – like some other analysts – and say that she is also singing about her past relationship with Justin Bieber. And for those who are actually familiar with Gomez’s history, the song’s lyrics would logically encompass that romance. But more to the point is Selena simply acknowledging that a certain point in time she was a vulnerable and bewildered individual. And whereas there may not be any going back, she is at least appreciative that she came out of the entire situation okay.

Lyrics of "She"

Writing Credits and Release Date

Selena wrote “She” along with MNEK, Justin Tranter and the track’s producers, The Roommates (J. Wienner and S. Homaee).

Interscope Records released this track on 9 April 2020 as a feature on the Deluxe edition of “Rare”, Selena’s third album. The song came out along with two others, namely “Boyfriend” and “Souvenir“.

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