Selena Gomez’s “Feel Me” Lyrics Meaning

Succinctly put, Selena is addressing what can be described as an unfaithful lover on “Feel Me”. As for her, Gomez has conducted herself in a manner in which she treated him right. But the lyrics are not based on her crying over the unfairness of the situation. Rather she is expressing a sentiment more akin to wondering if he actually misses her when he’s out with other women.  Or as the title and chorus put it, she wants him to ‘feel her’ even when he is out with other ladies. 

And all things considered, this is a very-complex statement to explain. But what it fundamentally boils down to is that her love for her partner is so strong that you can say she has accepted his cheating. Indeed she asserts that no matter how many ladies he may interact with, she is the only one who verily and truly loves him. And based on the first verse, he too seems to understand that statement to be true.

But outside of that, there is also a sense of remorse which can be detected in the lyrics of the singer. Or stated otherwise, all because she has accepted the situation does not mean for instance that she may not be bothered by his actions. But the purpose of this particular song is not to express her romantic frustrations. Rather it is put forth that at the end of the day, no matter how her partner behaves or who, succinctly put, he may sleep with, she is still the one who loves him the most.

Lyrics of "Feel Me"

Is this song about Justin Bieber? Or The Weeknd?

The song is definitely autobiographical, considering Selena said the following about it:

Selena Gomez talks about "Feel Me"

That being said, we don’t know whether Bieber cheated on her when they were together. It could also be about The Weeknd.

But considering her relationship with The Weeknd was so short lived the more logical assumption would be Bieber.

Facts about “Feel Me”

“Feel Me” is a tune which Selena Gomez’s fans have been familiar with since 2016, as the songstress used it as part of the setlist for her Revival Tour that same year. However, Interscope Records did not officially release it to the public until 21 February 2020. And when the label did release it, it came out as the fourth single from Selena’s album “Rare”. Perhaps the reason for such is that Miss Gomez has stated that the personal sentiments expressed therein have changed since it was first written.

The producers are Phil Phever, JMills and Kurtis McKenzie. The latter two artists also contributed to the penning of “Feel Me”.

And the other co-writers, outside of Selena Gomez herself, are as follows:

  • Ross Golan
  • Jacob Kasher
  • Ammar Malik
  • Lisa Scinta
  • Phil Shaouy

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