“Souvenir” by Selena Gomez

In “Souvenir”, Selena Gomez is definitely addressing a romantic interest. And being the type of celebrity that she is, doing so has got fans analyzing the lyrics and speculating if it may be one of her former boyfriends or current male friends. But the lyrics do not go as far as identifying the addressee, if it is a real person at all. In fact based on the aforementioned analyses, the details mentioned seem as if they may be a composite of two or more romances she has been in.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Selena Gomez's Souvenir at Lyrics.org.

But more to the point of the actual meaning of the song is the singer’s fascination with the addressee. This is someone she clearly adores and feels edified in his presence.  Moreover the title of the song is based on a somewhat-confusing metaphor in which she states this individual should ‘take her breath away just like a souvenir’. And considering that souvenirs are memorabilia, this statement is the clearly telling that she is harping on a past relationship as opposed to one that is happening in the present. But either way at the end of the day this is a love song, which once again is primarily based on the songstress expressing just how much she appreciates her lover.

Lyrics of "Souvenir"

Facts about “Souvenir”

Selena Gomez co-wrote “Souvenir” along with the following:

  • Sean Douglas
  • Madison Love
  • Ian Kirkpatrick (the track’s producer)

Interscope Records released this track on 9 April 2020. It is from the Deluxe edition of Selena Gomez’s album “Rare”. “Souvenir” was actually released with two other songs, namely “Boyfriend” and “She”.

The most-prevailing theories concerning whom she may be singing about are an ex-boyfriend, The Weeknd or one of her male associates, Samuel Krost or Niall Horan.

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  1. Peter says:

    My names Peter so I heard it after a few listens but during the intro, the outro and the chorus, there’s a background effect that sounds like she’s saying Peter Boy. It’s not me but it’s there. The mysterious Peter Boy

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