“Modern Loneliness” by Lauv

Lauv’s “Modern Loneliness” is meant to speak to the “modern” concept of loneliness as defined by Lauv. And as he describes it, it is pretty much defined as always being in the company of people yet still feeling alone. He further expounds that this sensation is characterized by indeed having friends but never taking the time to get in contact with them via telephone or the ‘net. But as for the source of this loneliness, that would apparently be some type of depression he is suffering from. 

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Thus the second verse in particular is centered on the singer’s desire to ‘cleanse his soul’. And this is obviously a metaphorical idea which would apparently produce the desired result of making him more cheerful. He also points to another contribution to this unfavorable mind state, which is people’s affinity for ‘getting high’ yet their inability to “come down” when need be. Perhaps he could be referring to the aftereffects of actually taking drugs, but these statements are ambiguous enough as presented. What it all seemingly boils down is that his loneliness is founded in his own inner turmoil. And the way it is manifest externally is by the narrator, at least in terms of actually outreaching, being sort of an introvert.

Lyrics of "Modern Loneliness"

Facts about “Modern Loneliness”

This track was written and produced by Lauv alongside Mike Elizondo and Johnny Simpson. And the other co-writers are Michael Matosic and Michael Pollack.

Lauv personally described “Modern Loneliness” as his “favorite song… ever made”. He also added that it was “the most important song” of his musical career “so far”.

On 20 February 2020 this song was released. It actually came out as the 10th single released from Lauv’s maiden album, which is entitled “How I’m Feeling”. And the label behind the tune is AWAL.

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